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Do you have central heating problems, leaking radiators, need to seal leaking pipes. It’s really frustrating to find leaks in your central heating system – in the pipework, or usually around the joints in the pipework close to radiators. This can happen in relatively new homes and new heating systems too – its not just elderly heating systems that have leaking radiators!
If you find leaks in a new heating system it can be as a result of the new heating system not having been properly flushed out when it was first installed – corrosive flux residue and other products that are often part of the installation, should be flushed out before the system is signed off by the installer – if flux residue or other debris remains in the system and circulates within it, you can see rapid pin holing of radiators as its called – very small holes that are nonetheless frustrating when you see damp patches on your flooring or carpets! This can be caused by leaking joints or leaking pipework. 
So – what’s the solution? If it’s a new heating system and it hasn’t been properly flushed – you need to get a heating engineer to flush it through for you to get the debris that causes the problems out. Then you can do the same as you would to an older system that springs a leak - use Sentinel Leak Sealer – a simple response to leaks – it cures the problems from the inside of the system. It’s an ideal and easy answer to radiator pipework leaking and small leaks that don’t warrant a serious repair job!
So to stop central heating leaks and leaking radiators from spoiling your home – to save you having to put out saucers and margarine pots under the leak to catch the drips use Sentinel leak sealer or Sentinel Seal X jointing compound which acts as leak sealer too for both hot and cold central heating water supplies – read more about these products and the full range of Sentinel water treatment products
Sentinel Leak Sealer is available in Rapid-Dose format. Learn more about Rapid-Dose in the following video:
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