How to clean blocked radiators and remove unwanted cold spots


Elderly heating systems tend to suffer from one very annoying problem - cold spots. Run your hand along the radiator and towards the bottom of it, you’ll find an area that simply doesn’t heat up. The heating system is on but the rest of the radiator is working overtime but a large patch of the radiator stays stubbornly cold, you have a blocked radiator.
There’s a simple reason for this and a simple way of putting it right. A heating system is a sealed circuit with water flowing around it. If a heating system hasn’t been treated properly, rust will build up in the system – the trade phrase is ‘black magnetite sludge’ – and that’s exactly what is causing the problem. Over time as the metal surfaces inside the heating system begin to rust flakes of the metal will become debris in the system and they will be pushed around the system by the pump, settling where they can, and where better than at the bottom of a radiator, allowing the water to flow over the blockage and resulting in blocked radiators. The solution? Sentinel's X800 cleaner. Ask your heating engineer to use Sentinel to clear your blockage!  Depending on the state of the system you may need to have your system 'jetflushed' or 'powerflushed' – a way of flushing the debris and the blockage material out of each radiator individually – watch the black mess as he tips the contents of each radiator out – its scary! No wonder the heat hasn’t been coming out of the system properly.
If you don’t clean out blocked radiators they will simply get worse and worse, and cost you money – you won’t be getting the level of heat you want so you’ll turn up the heating using more gas and oil and as a result you’ll see higher fuel bills, therefore cleaning blocked radiators can save you money on your fuel bills. Give your heating system a birthday. Get your heating engineer to flush your system with Sentinel X800 and then treat it with X100 inhibitor to protect it from getting in that state again. X100 benefits from Sentinel’s unique TripleTech technology – it provides a protective layer over steel, copper and aluminium – the three metals most commonly associated with heating systems, ensuring that they don’t begin to degenerate and cause more black sludge to accumulate in your heating system.
This video shows the powerflushing process in action:

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