Chemical treatment of your central heating system can improve your heating efficiency

You may feel that your heating system is operating efficiently and delivering the heat you need in every room of your home.

However, unless your heating system has been treated with central heating chemicals to ensure that you don’t get a build up of debris in the system – in the radiators, the pipe work, the valves and pumps – you could be spending far more than you need to on your heating and hot water, using too much fuel, creating unnecessarily high levels of C02 emissions and frankly wasting your money.

To improve your central heating efficiency you need to ensure that the inside of your central heating system – the part you cannot see – is as clean as it can be, allowing the water that flows around it to do so without the problems associated with sludge deposits that build up in radiators or lime scale deposits that build up on any metal surface – inside the radiators, around the pipe work and even on the heat exchanger in your boiler.

Use a good quality boiler chemicals such as those available from Sentinel, the UK’s leading energy efficiency and water treatment specialist. Ask your heating engineer or plumber to flush out your central heating system using a Sentinel cleaning product such as X400 or X800. Then, once the system has been cleaned, add Sentinel X100 – to protect the inside of your heating system and ensure it stays as clean as the day it was flushed through.

No more cold spots on your radiators which are only areas of the radiator where sludge has built up and stops the water flowing through it properly. No more needing to turn the heating up to compensate for the parts of the system that are not operating efficiently. No more paying through the nose to heat the scale and sludge before you heat the rooms the radiators are in.  Use central heating chemicals and boiler chemicals like X400 or X800 to give you increased boiler efficiency.  


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