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R500C Thermal Fluid


Exceptional thermal transfer and protection for Ground Source Heat Pump System


Sentinel R500C is a clear dark blue concentrated glycol-based liquid designed for on-site dilution.  It is a highly efficient thermal transfer fluid for use in Ground Source Heat Pump equipment and ground loop circuits. Optimised to provide frost protection, it offers superior stability, exceptional thermal transfer, protection against corrosion and deposits. It also contains an effective biocide that will help to control the growth of bacteria in a sanitised system should it become contaminated after commissioning so providing extended fluid life.

The properties of Sentinel R500C help reduce the costs of system operation. A FrostCheck Test Kit is available for installation validation checks.

•             Concentrate for on-site dilution

•             Effective frost protection

•             Inhibits corrosion of system metals

•             Stable, long lasting formulation

•             Protects against bacterial contamination

•             Reduces need for premature fluid changes

•             Compatible with Sentinel R700

•             Non-toxic and biodegradable

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